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Wainwright is very fortunate to have amazing facilities, a variety of dedicated service organizations, excellent schools, and residents that take pride in their community. Volunteers are essential to the success of our community and contribute a great deal to making Wainwright a wonderful place to live, work, and do business. Wainwright CiB is proud to be recognized by the town as official Ambassadors for Wainwright & area, and by the Chamber of Commerce as Wainwright Volunteers of the Year for 2011.


With the help of the Town of Wainwright, local businesses, resident's donations, and the proceeds from our annual Snow Ball Craft Fair we are able to continue our annual plantings of the many gardens, planters,and hanging baskets that beautify our community each year. Wainwright CiB has been improving our community since 2002. 


Communities that are involved with the Communities in Bloom program recognize numerous benefits from participating in the program, including:

  • Increased civic pride and community involvement
  • Citizens, groups, organizations, business and municipal government all mobilized and working together. 
  • Year-round projects and continuous improvement for the entire community.
  • Information and cultural exchange within the community and with neighboring, national, and international communities. 
  • Valuable information and feedback from the judges.
  • Decreased vandalism
  • Economic development and increased property values
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Positive benefits for the tourism, hospitality, and retail industries.
  • Improved quality of life 


***2011 Provincial Champions***